Hi there! I’m Trudy and this is my new place to share magical moments and inspiration – like this absolutely divine shot on the beach yesterday. I saw it once I was home and decided it would make a perfect first post.

While I was doing a curtsy for the camera, there was a man over my shoulder giving immense gratitude to Mama Ocean and to all creation – with arms outstretched and wearing a shawl over his head and shoulders. I’m guessing he was feeling as happy and thankful to be there as we were.

The beach was practically empty because the weather called for rain just the day before. I bought my beach food and made alternate plans to meet up with my beach buddy elsewhere – just in case. We still held onto our desire of beach play date above all, and so it was!

The ocean was rough and intense. It was like surfing below water. We had to plant our feet firmly to not get washed away or sucked under. Definitely not a day for swimming or floating, but perfect for working with resistance of any sort. It was both humbling and empowering to flow with and resist against the ocean’s current.

And speaking of resistance – the regularly scheduled kind where your pants don’t zip up all the way, your bra feels too tight and your tummy is bloated. I invented a new way to wear Jasmine (black) and Lily (purple) yesterday to rock out my PMS!

What tummy?

Last summer I committed wearing Lily regularly for a whole year so I could learn more about what she has to offer, and my investment has surely paid off!

A few more my current favorite Lily renditions. She also comes in dress length (WILD Lily).

Our first beach day this summer was July 4, which we didn’t realize until after we made the plan.  For two introverts, this was a hell-to-the-no in our minds up until  that moment, but we decided to go with it – intending to push some comfort zone edges and have a fabulous time.  And so we did!

There goes Lily again as a knee length floral skirt! She makes me so proud :)

Special thanks to Po-Hong Yu for these amazing photos, and to Jacqueline Lamont for my fabulous hat.

And now a little background on myself and these clothes….

I’m an architect obsessed with all things temporal and for over a decade I’ve been designing and wearing clothes that adapt to weather, occasion, body shape, mood, and the fluctuations that occur in a woman’s body cycle over time. It’s been an incredible and liberating journey for both me and my clientele, and I’ll be sharing our diverse style journeys here too.