News Overwhelm RX - My Latest Lifesaving Party Trick

Trudy Miller

Have you ever wished...

  • There was a way to keep up with the news without feeling like you need a shower afterwards?
  • You had thoughtful news questions on hand to redirect a conversation that's about to go off the rails?
  • You could easily explain the news to your kids?

Introducing Color Coded News Briefs!

I've been working on a color coded visual language that kids and adults can use to communicate more effectively around achieving the triple win of highest good (pink), highest gain (blue) and highest integrity (purple). 

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks purple naturally, and is a much needed reprieve from the communications we've become accustomed to in recent years.  To honor his service and save folks time I've been creating these briefs.  

Phew!  I'm so glad he showed up just in time for my launch so I wouldn't have to use myself as an example - I'm still working on it ;)


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