Purple GPS Origins

Trudy Miller

Meet the Global Positioning System With Heart Brain Coherence

The Purple GPS is a personal way-finder tool that helps children and adults design and navigate their lives with a higher sense of purpose, joy interconnection and physical well being.  

There has never been a louder call to acknowledge our global interconnection and interdependence than the current Covid-19 pandemic.  Our values are no longer being encouraged but forced to align more closely with caring for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth in more thoughtful ways. 

Our key strategy for improving quality of life on a global scale is to help all people combine their inherent masculine and feminine principles (alongside nature's guidance) to create more balance in our lives and on the planet.  This includes the way we relate to each other, how we consume, and the way we make things.

The functional archetypes on the Purple Homestead make reference to the over  23,000 year tradition of agriculture and how it has evolved over time. This choice of metaphor significant because it hearkens back to a time where humans were building civilizations based on what was being discovered about science, nature and the cosmos.

The goal of this revitalized homestead model is to restore healthy interdependence across our various characteristics, roles and disciplines to re-imagine the world with fresh eyes and updated tools. 

This moment in time is so ripe with potential.  Let's make the most of it together.  Learn more about how task-based archetypes and phase-related tools can become your new rocket fuel for designing and building out the lifestyle you desire.


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