Summer Scholarship Fund

Our Black Community Wellness project is Team Solutionista's latest year long Public Good Project aimed at raising the tide for black families in New York City, sponsored at BK Style Foundation

Your tax-deductible purchase goes towards creating opportunities for black teens to attend our academy this summer, and then some.  We are working with wellness professionals and educators to provide cutting edge learning models and luxurious extra-curricular activities for scholarship recipients, including movement workshops, wellness services, life skills training and creative expression classes.  More updates and schedules coming soon.

"Its a rare occurrence to have African American students enrolled in my classes, and I'd like for it to become the norm."

BCW Project founder Trudy Miller was afforded the luxury of exploring everything that interested her as a child growing up in Jamaica, and has been passionate about providing similar luxuries for African American youth to bridge the experiential gap of being born black in the United States.  

View some of our past education collaborations with BK Style here 

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