Copy of Team Solutionista 2

Whole brain thinking is super sexy and super fun, especially when you work in teams!

We're committed about building out a supportive ecosystem within Solutionista Academy that extends the privilege of creative exploration, belonging and entrepreneurship to African American youth and families.  This year's strategic foci are  Black Community Wellness, The Teen Education Revolution, and The Solutionista Network for families.  

The Black Community Wellness project, fiscally sponsored by BK Style Foundation, is initiative to improve overall wellness and financial mobility in predominantly African American communities.  

In January, it was conceived of as a food literacy campaign to be folded into the existing sustainability curriculum offered in after school enrichment programs and community centers.  Then in a flash, the Covid-19 pandemic, school closings and televised murder of George Floyd shone more bright lights on all that’s wrong about life for African Americans in these United States, ultimately leading to the team’s expanded scope to include the Teen Education Revolution.

The Teen Education Revolution is an assembly of passionate and forward-thinking educators who came together during the pandemic, eager to share their knowledge and hold space for the creative genius within our youth to emerge. 

Our project partners and guest teachers are Shane Kulman, owner of Awkward Academy, and Marilyn Moore, owner of Divine Appetite.  Shane (bottom left) is our Teen Wellness Fairy works with sensitive teens, and has also worked with incarcerated youth.  Marilyn (top) is our Food Justice Warrior, and works with young and elderly in the African American community.

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