Purple Leadership and Service Training

Help individuals, communities and corporations 11x their positive impact with our groundbreaking tools and your unique perspective.



We’re in the business of designing and delivering thoughtful, creative and practical solutions that minimize harm and maximize joy and fulfillment.  There has never been a louder call to acknowledge our global interconnection and interdependence than the current pandemic, environmental unrest and the state of racial injustice in the United States.  To collectively come into greater personal integrity and alignment, our values are being guided to new forms of stewardship that show more generosity of spirit towards ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.  




Our Purple Ecosystem and proprietary tools are a fun new framework and wellness formula for designing futures that prioritize the highest forms of good (pink), gain (blue) and integrity (purple) for all parties involved.  Applications range from personal development and life skills training to product and community development.  In 2020 our workshops revolve around Black Community Wellness, Environmental Design and The Teen Education Revolution.


The process is like a game of high intensity interval training for your brain, body and heart. Our Purple GPS encompasses all areas of life on our Homestead in a handy 9 square playbook format - which makes connecting the invisible dots much faster and easier. The Purple GPS itself is a personal way-finder tool that helps children and adults design and navigate their lives with a higher sense of purpose, joy interconnection and physical well being.  Think Minecraft for real life.

Each level of the game contains added complexity and new problems to solve, but the goal of getting to purple is consistent throughout.  While playing the game your brain begins to build new neural pathways towards your grand design.



Fortunately, we have a powerful contemporary precedent for our seemingly lofty purple aspirations.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has been consistently demonstrating how to lead a state of 19 million like they were family members, from Covid-19 to police reform and environmental protection.  He is purple inside and out, and winner of our first unofficial Purple Leadership Award for his exemplary show of generosity of spirit in thought, word, and deed.

Learn his playbook to become more effective in doing what only you are here to do in our signature programs.


We guide individuals and groups of all ages through the Purple Up Process via workshops, games, media projects, live events, facilitation, training and consulting.

If you want to lend your big heart, bright ideas and willingness to serve the bold new tide-raising platform we’re building, join Team Solutionista to make your signature mark.

Our triple win proposition to you:

What’s in it for you What’s in it for us What’s in it for everyone

• Removing obstacles to living your most healthy, authentic and fulfilling life of service
• Honing and broadcasting your vision/messaging from a place of greater alignment
• Inspiring others and sparking creative genius with your unique message
• Making money doing what you love

• Building a team of master guides and builders eager to serve a diverse set of communities 
• Support for our community members via service training
• The resources to build a robust network
• The joy of seeing each trainee sing their version of our song in their own unique way 
• An online community dedicated to improving their members' overall well-being
• A place to explore individual and community entrepreneurship ideas
• A team of guides and mentors invested in their creative exploration and advancement
• Access to paid community gigs

 There are three training options available:  Work Study Master Guide, Master Guide and Master Homestead Builder. 

Work Study Master Guide Training

Master Guide Training 

Master Homestead Builder Training

Support us online and at live events to help us grow our community.

Learn our tools to teach others or simply live your best life.

Teach our curriculum, lead trainings, and add your own purple curriculum to our pool of knowledge (optional)

Ongoing sign-up

4 weeks - 9/15/20 - 10/6/20

8 weeks - 9/15/20- 11/3/20

80 hours of community support or 2 hours per week for one year

Practice and develop your skills with 40 hours of service training or 3.5 hours per month for one year

20 hours of community service/practice.

Lead 2 Community Workshops per training season (4 per year)

Eligible for Master Guide training and certification after 6 months of service

Master Guide Certification

Master Homestead Builder Certification

9.6 continuing professional education (CPE) units, or 0.8 continuing education units (CEU) 9.6 continuing professional education (CPE) units, or 0.8 continuing education units (CEU) 19 continuing professional education (CPE) units, or 1.6 continuing education units (CEU)

Inclusion in our Speaker/Storyteller Rosters

Inclusion in our Speaker/Storyteller Rosters

Inclusion in our Speaker/Storyteller & Facilitator Rosters

Work in after school and community programs

Work in after school and community programs

Work to train others for our after school enrichment and community programs

Free Solutionista Network Annual Membership - a $552 value

Solutionista Network Annual Membership - a $552 value

Solutionista Network Annual Membership - a $552 value

Includes 1 year license (a $600 value)

Includes 1 year license (a $600 value)

Includes 1 year license (a $600 value)


Two 1 on 1 individual laser progress calls


One free month of Team Solutionista Mastermind Group Access - a $279.99 value


Guest Teachers





Once we've reviewed your application, you'll receive a link to book a discovery call where you'll learn more about how this work can serve your unique vision of personal, organizational or global transformation, or ask any questions you might have.

Service Exchange Options

There are many ways to fulfill your service exchange component of the training.  Below are some examples of how you can joyfully give back while honing your skills and building your purple practice:

✅  Being a moderator or facilitator on community calls and brainstorming sessions

✅  Hosting a book club or storytelling workshop

✅  Hosting a master class

✅  Holding space for the creative genius of our youth in our online community

✅  Mentoring a teen though our partner program

✅  Training new teams

✅  Providing creative support to our team

✅  Providing tech or administrative support to our team

✅  Providing administrative support to our team

✅  Fundraising

✅  Providing wellness services or workshops within the community

✅  Creating and delivering specialized training

✅  Using our tools to report the news

✅  Creating fun and relevant content for network subscribers

We're open to other suggestions, so feel free to bring whatever you've got!



Course Outline & Schedule

Live zoom sessions are held on Tuesdays. Supplemental daily exercises are provided in our online community, hosted by Mighty Networks.

There are two sessions to choose from:

Group 1 - Morning Session: 11:00am-1:00pm

Group 2 - Evening Session: 7:00pm-9:00pm



Master Guide  & Master Homestead Builder Training - WK 1 - 4


Week 1 


Helping for Ourselves First

Tending to our personal gardens to maximize our positive impact

Purple Homestead Design

Frameworks, Ecosystems and Avatars

Week 2 


Caring for Each Other

Tending to matters of civic and social justice.  Inclusive strategy & planning.

Purple Community Design

Teams, Roles and Agendas

Week 3


Caring for the Planet

Product and Concept Development, Environmental Stewardship

Purple Economics

Upward Spiral Business Models

Week 4


Designing for Positive Impact

Create more harmony at home and beyond

Review and Assessment

Service Training prep begins


Master Homestead Builder Training continues - WK 5 - 8


Week 5


Facilitation & Conflict Resolution Training


Week 6


Program/Product Development

Speaking to Your Audience


Week 7


Program/Product Development 

Honing Your Message


Week 8


Program/Product Completion 

Final Review



Here is a peek at some of the fun tools and concepts we’ll be playing with!



Homestead Tools & Teamwork


Community Wellness


Conflict Resolution