Generosity of Spirit by Design

I'm in the habit of 'curricularizing' the valuable lessons I learn.  Over the past two decades I've been developing tools, products and courses inside a framework that embodies generosity of spirit towards people and our planet, and will be launching on July 6, 2020 with summer programs for teens, adults and communities. 

I've also been tapping solutionistas along my journey to present their own offerings to create a truly diverse community of like minded individuals who are on board with restoring mental, physical and emotional integrity to our society.


My Zero Waste Agenda

From a product design and development perspective, the goal is to consistently
  • Reduce casual waste in the design process
  • Extend the life span of products we use or create
  • Turn waste into business opportunities for others

Watch my award winning short feature on environmental pollution

My Zero Hate Agenda

From a personal development perspective, the goal is to consistently
  • reduce casual hate by finding meaningful ways to reach across the aisles
  • increase personal joy by engaging the creative process  
  • build with like minded individuals who extend personal integrity to all of humanity