Topics from the Purple Homestead

All speaker topics can be adapted to workshops or curriculum.  Trudy is also a registered NYC Department of Education vendor.

Feeling Good Inside & Out 

Purple Lifestyle Design
Body Wisdom Basics
Cultivating Diversity Through Generosity of Spirit  

    Healthy Relating 

    Purple Conflict Resolution
    Conscious Re-framing
    Democracy Re-imagined   

      Achieving Success

      Global Positioning Systems
      Purple Product Stewardship 
      Loving Bigly for Fun & Positive Impact

        Speaker bio:

        Trudy Miller is a design researcher, educator and inventor launching an online academy that teaches generosity of spirit towards people and the planet.  She has created The Purple Homestead ®, a game-like adaptive design framework that operates as a personal, professional, community or product development tool. 

        Guides at Solutionista Academy prepare youth at the bottom and leadership at the top to design more sustainable futures founded on personal integrity to create more gender, racial, economic, and planetary wellness.

        Miller and her team are building a safe and age inclusive community of trainers and learners who practice a visual language and ethos put forth by The Purple Homestead model.  The language is a color-coded and values-based framework that uses the following formula as guiding principles:

        Purple (Integrity) = Highest Good (Pink) + Highest Gain (Blue)