The Zero Hate Agenda

From a personal development perspective, the goal is to consistently
  • reduce casual hate
  • increase personal joy by engaging the creative process and being of service
  • build with like minded individuals who value personal integrity
The 2016 elections were a humbling reminder that my generosity of spirit had some very sharp limits with the potential to constrict my joy and create health challenges. In 2018, I decided that throwing down the unconditional love gauntlet would be my only viable way forward.


The assignment has transformed my life for the better in several ways, and re-birthed a long time product development tool into the parallel personal development tool it has become throughout my "Year of Loving Bigly".

During the internment I've been taken to the depths of extreme sadness and despair, but I also had a 'tremendous' creative flowering in new areas - including event planning, song and screenplay writing, video and performance art.