Cut the Crap
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Cut the Crap

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What's got you backed up love?

Is it your health?  Your relationships? Your uncertainty about why you're here?

This two hour session is designed to help you uncover what's blocking you from a truly fulfilling, healthy and authentic life experience.  I'm an amazing hidden dot connector and truly enjoy helping people to lift the veil of confusion and step into more clarity and creativity.

Come prepared to be deeply honest with yourself and curious about how to align more with your highest intentions.  

Money back guarantee

Our time on this earth is precious.  I offer this service twice monthly at a discounted rate both to feed my fairy godmother habit and to avoid burnout.  If I notice within the first 15 minutes that the call may not yield intended results I'll offer you a refund for the remaining time or an opportunity to reschedule. Sound fair?  Great.  Now let's cut the crap and get back to the business of enjoying life to the fullest!

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