Six Week Purple Mindset Reset
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Six Week Purple Mindset Reset

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How much of your personal narrative is governed by your reactions to external circumstances? 

Whether it’s frustrating people, health conditions, your own crap - or even a pandemic - you can reshape your perspective and redesign a more balanced, joyful and healthful life for yourself by building new neural pathways to joy and fulfillment.

Team Solutionista is here to help you every step of the way!

  • Retraining your mind to respect your body's signals in new ways
  • Designing pleasurable and optimal food, fun and physical activity strategies that meet you where you're at and evolve along with you to the next stage.
  • Reconnecting to nature's wisdom through mindfulness
  • Rediscovering your purple true North 
  • Learning how to heal yourself through nature appreciation, natural remedies and specialized healing modalitiies.

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